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Ep. 122: 2012-04-08 – Indie Love

iM: Episode #122 features 23 tracks including new music from JAPANDROIDS, PS I LOVE YOU, BANQUET, CHAMPION LOVER, and OLD ENGLISH.


Column: [Listen Queer] THE CLIKS – Black Tie Elevator

iM’s Julia Stead explores the musical career of THE CLIKS’ Lucas Silveria and the band’s new 2013 release.


Skyline: 02 – FACTS

iM catches up with the Vancouver synth-heavy rockers on the roof during their first visit to The Big Smoke.


Featured Artist: PONY GIRL

Get to know iM’s October 2013 Featured Artist ahead of a stacked Toronto bill on October 24th.

Editor Picks:

The Weekend Sequence: Vol. 26 – CHOONGUM

August 12, 2011

We recently asked Fairfield, California’s Choongum to curate a mixtape for The iM and the results are, well, amazing to say the least. Currently, the young bedroom producer is working on his first full-length which will be released digitally as well as on a physical format.

Stream the mix at the bottom of the page and be sure to check out the links to all the artists included in the mix. Speaking of links, show Choongum some love over on the various websites below.

Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr

1. BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW – I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
Black Moth Super Rainbow is one of my favorite bands of all time. I started listening to them at exactly the right time. They kind of served as the soundtrack to an important part in my life and, now when I listen to them, I’m filled with the nostalgia of that time. They also have been one of the biggest inspirations for my music. They are literally the reason I started my Choongum project.

Boards of Canada is another big inspiration for me. The tones they craft are just beautiful. As with Black Moth Super Rainbow, Boards of Canada have these “morning” sounds (as I call them) in several of their songs. Something about these tones take me to another place. It’s a gorgeous place that feels very familiar to me but, I think it’s just something my mind made up for me(oh well).

This song is brilliant. I love the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, the play on words, and the way this song is constantly building up to that final crescendo. “Feed your head”!

4. JIMI HENDRIX – All Along the Watchtower
What is there to say about this song that hasn’t already been said? Jimi was the man and, Bob Dylan + Jimi Hendrix = musical bliss.

5. MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Whenever I hear this song, it is impossible for me not to dance and play the drums on whatever hard surface is available nearby. I think that about sums it up.

6. DIGABLE PLANETS – Where I’m From
Digable Planets is my all-time favorite hip-hop group. I think if you were trying to explain that amazing feeling of chill you get at around 6PM on a summer afternoon — right after you get your burger off of the BBQ and you’re all settled down in a hammock with a cold lemonade in your hand — to someone that has never experienced it before, you could just play this song and they would know exactly what you are talking about.

7. ATMOSPHERE – Yesterday
Slug spits some of the best lyrics in music. The kind that give you goosebumps no matter how many times you listen to it. I’ve always liked how he covers a wide variety of issues that go beyond the standard (but still important) topics like war and government. I think a lot of it goes over people’s heads but, that just goes to show that Atmosphere is entertaining on multiple levels. I have to give props to Ant also. Producers don’t get the kind of credit they deserve. Ant crafts some pretty fantastic beats that feel “hip-hop” but also have a very unique vibe to them. Together, they form what is, in my opinion, one of the best groups in hip-hop.

8. THE WEEKND – High For This
House of Balloons is my favorite album of 2011 so far. It’s so damn soulful and sexy. These songs are unlike anything I’ve heard before. I love the fusion of styles and genres in his music. The mix of ambient, R&B, electronica, house, dubstep, hip-hop…and he sampled Beach House! I predict high birth rates in the coming months.

9. TRENTEMOLLER – Take Me Into Your Skin
Everything about this song is perfect. It’s one of those songs that will really take you on a journey. I feel like I’m flying through some sort of wormhole until the 2:26 mark when I can finally breathe again and explore this vast world Trentemøller has built for me. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this one in its entirety.

10. SHPONGLE – Divine Moments of Truth
Speaking of journeys, wow. Shpongle. If this song doesn’t make you want to partake in some sort of ritualistic dance around a fire with that hippie guy from down the street and those Amazonian tribesmen you met at the Bass Pro Shop– then this mixtape is probably not your thing anyways and you should go back to watching MTV, or whatever it is that you do. Oh, and their second album took me by complete surprise. Major props to them for staying out of that “box” many artists are confined to.

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David Marskell is the co-host/producer and founding father of The Indie Machine. When he is not working at The iM, he books bands at "Baltic Avenue" in downtown Toronto. He has strong feelings for mixtapes and enjoys laying down a good DJ set now and again. One day he hopes to make a living from the music industry... he also hopes to meet Tom Selleck.
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